There’s This Thing Called Dating. You Should Try It.

I have a new found kick when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone. And no, jumping out of planes and wrestling crocodiles isn’t really my style. I’m talking about experiences that may sound pretty banal, but they involve some degree of ‘risk’ when it comes to the possibilty of making myself look like an idiot.

Starting out in my career has been pretty scary. I have also bruised and burned myself in those initial pole fitness classes. I have seen new places on my own, spoken my mind more and have pushed myself until I’m in pain at the gym. I am adamant that small, uncomfortable, yet productive experiences can make you grittier little by little, but I also know that being a young and ambitious individual requires a small dose of excitement now and then. Fortunately, I have acquired this awesome feeling through a thing called dating.

Dating has made me feel like an expert when it comes to talking to anyone with complete ease. Although admittedly being someone who has never found interacting with people a problem, I now feel that I can maintain an engaging conversation with someone who I barely know without any hesitation. I also no longer feel held back by the fear of rejection.

I have thrown myself into unpredictable situations where I am obliged to interact, and it’s through this that I have become even more socially-aware, daring and smarter. Defying hesitations and pushing yourself to hang out with strangers requires a certain amount of courage and additionally, I have found that these experiences have provided more ‘zest’ within my life. They have allowed me to take a break from the ‘career-focused’ and ‘serious’ persona that I have to channel on a working-week basis. I enjoy feeling like a giddy student when I know I have the time to go on a date; it’s an opportunity for me to get boozy and if anyone gets offended by my eccentricity, I know that it doesn’t really matter. 

I have also learnt a few things too, and I hope that these pointers will prove to be useful to any curious readers out there:

If you find someone attractive, ask them out. Simple.


Pushing myself to approach people and get their number at first seemed terrifying. Then I came to terms with the worst case scenario: they’ll say no and you won’t ever see them again.

It’s okay to date around (just be open and honest about what you want – don’t hurt anyone in the process).


Believe it or not, there are many interesting and attractive people out there.

You probably should let them know if you’re not into them…


No one is worth your time if they don’t have any manners.


You should split the bill.


This way, if a subsequent date seems possible, both parties won’t feel any obligatory financial pressure.

You are not obliged to sleep with anyone, if you DON’T want to.


Sleep with them if you DO want to. Whether on the first, second, third, or sixth date in – you are a grownass adult.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Gut feelings are too often spurned.

I believe that if things are at least uncertain, you will know pretty soon. I’ve found that my body responds to something that isn’t ‘right’ with a weird, heavy feeling of unease. It’s pretty obvious when you know you get on like a house on fire, so trust this odd sensation if it does come.


Long hot soaks in the bath, treating yourself to those materialistic things at the weekend, as well as laying around in whatever after work is also never compromised, so you should definitely try this thing.

Lucy xo

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