Where to get your quirky clothing fix

All we want is to be different. It’s no longer about the trending outfits of high street fashion, but the quirky hidden gems found in independent retailers. Here’s our list of our top 5 independent stores for all you art hoes and alternative babes out there.

1-We Are Hairy People

We Are Hairy People is a Bristol based company, selling hand painted clothing and accessories. Each piece is made to order, making each item perfectly unique. As well as creating beautiful clothing, WAHP is extremely ethical in the production of their clothing and are working hard to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible.

They also run painting workshops  which provide a safe friendly environment where people suffering with a mental illness can talk and make friends.

You can find We Are Hairy People’s website and store here

2-Natali Koromoto

Natali Koromoto is an illustrator, who makes fun, nostalgia filled pieces the inner child in all of us will love. Whether you choose to buy a fun print tee, or a  haunted bucket hat, you’ll be filled with youthful excitement once again!

You can find Natali Koromoto’s store Here

3-Family Store

Family Store is the go to place for a range of clothing, prints, zines and more! They’re online shop sells goods from a range of different designers and illustrators, so whatever your style theres something for you. They also have a store in Brighton which is well worth the visit if you’re in the area.

You can find Family  Store here


Shallocat makes embroidered tees, sweatshirts, and accessories, all available from their Etsy store. With a strong 80’s vibe, this store offers great embroidery at a reasonable price.

You can find Shallocat’s store here

5-The Sad Ghost Club

We always save the best til last. The Sad Ghost Club are an amazing group of people who advocate mental health awareness, and help people talk about it openly. Their comics and products make mental health something we talk about without it being a sore subject, or something to be embarrassed about. On top of all the amazing work they do, they also produce really cool apparel from pins and patches, to super snazzy tees.

You can find The Sad Ghost Club’s website and store here

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