A very brief guide to zines

Don’t know what a zine is?? Well here is our very (very) brief guide to zines to help guide you through this small but wonderful world.

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So what is a zine?

A zine is a small independent  publication that is usually self published, self printed and easily reproduced by photocopier. Popular with sub cultures, zines help share this niche information, as well as other work such as poetry and art. Over the years zines have helped inform various political movements, from punk in the 70s, to the Riot Grrrl movement in the 90s.

Who makes zines?

Zines are often made by a single person, or a small group of people concerned with a particular issue. These people or groups are usually passionate about a specific topic, ranging from political movements to science fiction. Illustrators have also helped boost the popularity of zines by using them as a way to share their work and comics.

Why are zines popular?

The popularity of zines is down to a number factors. Their disobedient and rebellious nature has helped share and communicate vital information in political and social movements, such as the distribution of health publications during the riot grrrl era.

By supporting sub cultures not otherwise covered by mainstream media, zines have managed to gain a cult following. They’re also fun to make, and help bring together like minded people.

Where can I find zines?

Zines are typically printed work, but webzines are now common too. You can buy zines on websites like Etsy, GOOD PRESS, and Family Store. There is also lots of zine fairs across the Country such as Bristol Comic & Zine Fair. But the best way to get your hands on some juicy zines is to swap with friends.

When should I make a zine?

Make a zine now!! Make a zine about a political issue, something you think needs more attention, or just make one for fun. You can find lots of great easy zine tutorials online, or if you’re feeling like a crafty mama you can use fancy book binding methods too.

Tell us about your favorite zines in the comments, and let us know if you want to see a zine tutorial from us.


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