Conan Gray-Generation Why

Its been a long time coming but we finally have new music from Conan Gray, who’s last release ‘Grow’ came out in September Last year. His new single ‘Generation Why’ from the upcoming EP Sunset Season discusses the discontent our youth feel today  in turbulent times of political and social unrest worldwide.

With a Lorde-esque opening, right from the very beginning we hear a melodic unease questioning: why. The song not only questions the older generations preconceived opinions of todays youth, but also environmental and social issues,  from ‘radium lawns’-a reference to the radium water contamination in Texas, to the pressure felt by younger generations.

These issues are also projected in the visuals in the music video. On the comic newspaper headlines we clearly see “Scientists Believe Earth will Die by 2020”, “World On Verge of World War Three”, and “Local Mother Attacks Cashier Over Rejected Coupon”.

Many are hailing this the anthem of a generation. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

You can listen to Generation Why here

Artwork by Marina, you can find her on Instagram here

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