Collage project

With winters inevitable approach and the shorter days it’s easy enough to feel too tired to do much more than boil the kettle for a cup of tea, never mind take the time for some creative release.

So we thought what better way to get those creative juices flowing again than for a digital collage project. No actual paper or glue involved, no actual skill involved, just your computer and that amazing brain of yours.

We’ve collected some *aesthetic* images and backgrounds for you to use (download below), now all you need to do is arrange them how you like. You don’t need any fancy editing software for this either, you could even use software as basic as paint. And if you want to go proper old school you can print off the images and dust off your scissors and glue.

Remember to tag us on instagram at @grapefruitsoup or send your work to with your name and social media tag to be featured on the blog.


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