Music favs 2018

We’re nearly through with 2018, so we thought we’d share some of our music favs from throughout the year.

With the release of Sky full of song by Florence and the Machine, I was excited, and expecting more new music this year from Florence. When I woke up on May 3rd I instantly downloaded Hunger. Upon the first listening I felt a subtle melancholy, but the more I’ve listened to it the more I’ve found it a song for empowerment. The music sounds really organic, personal, and vulnerable, which I think definitely makes it easier to emphasise with. I also got the pleasure of seeing Flo live, which can only be compared to a spiritual experience. 

I’m a huge fan of Sigrid, and my love for her single High Five is all the same. The huge chorus really emphasises the meaning of the song, that despite some peoples  artificial popularity, ”That high five is all you got”.

I really don’t know how I haven’t discovered Janelle Monáe sooner, but I’m so happy I have. Her music always gives me a little confidence boost, you can’t help but feel empowered by the sassy lyrics and upbeat melodies. My personal favourites include, Q.U.E.E.N, make me feel, and crazy classic life.

Earlier this year I went to Nottingham with a friend to see some live music. The first band we saw was called Lucia, and they completely blew me away with their 90’s grunge sound I’ll always have a soft spot for. My favourite songs of theirs is “Melted Ice Cream”, with “Saturday is dead” in close second. We then went to see Japanese Breakfast who I unfortunately had to miss because of Sunday bus times, but the supporting act, Fear of men, made up for this. Live, the music is much more upbeat that the melancholy tones of her recorded songs, but she still manages to emit the same emotions.

How can we talk about our music faves, and not mention Mamma Mia 2?? The film is everything you’s expect from Mamma Mia, a proper feel good movie, with just enough nostalgia and melancholy, which is eased with the comedy and light heartedness of film. But the music!! Not only are we given the ABBA classics, but some more obscure tunes only a true ABBA fan (like myself) would know. Oh, and we cant forget to mention Cher signing Fernando, who stayed true to the original but obviously with the power and emotion only Cher can bring.

If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll know we also loved the film 20th Century women. I’ve never really been a fan of the 70’s, but the film introduced me gently to the punk scene, slowly building up my tolerance to the genre much like Dorothea in the film. The stand out song from the film has to be “The Big Country”, by Talking Heads.

Lush by Snail Mail has been my album of choice for driving since recently buying a car. Listening to the lyrics you cant help but feel a little melancholy, but you still get that teen angst needed for a good drive.

Of course theres has been so much great music released this year, we just cant write about it all. So check out our insta story where we’ll feature other memorable music from the year

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