International women’s day

To celebrate international women’s day we asked you on social media to tell us about your favourite inspirational women. Whether it be an inspiring women from history, a celebrity you admire, or someone you know personally who deserves some recognition we want to hear your stories.

“Yeonmi Park was a no-brainer for me when deciding who to write about; she’s a North Korean native who escaped her country’s oppressive regime, only to be sold into sex trafficking soon after she took refuge in China.
Her story is harrowing and communicates how the world can be an oppressive place for many. As well as highlighting the bitter inevitability that under-privileged and vulnerable women are taken advantage of in a number of circumstances, Yeonmi has encouraged me to make the most out of my own freedom in comparison.

Yeonmi’s resilience also inspires me to retain my determination for a fulfilled future. ”

“Kim Se-yeon (Geguri) inspires me as she’s one of the first females to play in the overwatch league, which is normally a male dominated scene.”

“Gloria Steinem has been a real inspiration to me. Her involvement in the women’s movement and resilience is truly inspiring. Best known for exposing the exploitative conditions of the Playboy Clubs in the 60’s,  her contribution to social activism has made a real difference and allowed us to live in the world we live in and love today.”

“my mother really inspires me because now i am older, I can look back and recognise all things she has done for me and my family, and all the things she continues to do. She never puts herself first and is incredibly hard working in her home and career life – singlehandedly being the best woman in my life that I can only hope to become.”

Thank you to all the wonderful women that shared their thoughts with us, and thank you to all women we get to work with!! If you have a story about a woman that inspires you tell us in the comments bellow.


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