British Bombs: The antiwar anthem of a generation

British bombs is the new politically charged antiwar song by indie kid Declan McKenna, tackling Britains role in the Yemen crisis. The song questions Britains sales of arms to Saudi Arabia, and its involvement in a war that Unicef describes as causing “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”.

And we’ll remember the dead, so they know that we’re sorry, but then carry on”

Many have condemned Britains continuation of selling arms to the Saudi after British made bombs were confirmed to be found in the Yemen by a UN report.

The irony of Britains patriotism is shown greatly in the visuals of the music video, with swaying lions, union jack covered umbrella wielding men, and monocle wearing mushroom clouds.

The lyrics hold the Yemen crisis at its heart, but ultimately this is an antiwar song for all war.

All the proceeds from the single will go to charity.

You can find British bombs on

YouTube here

Spotify here

Itunes here

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