Parasite: The class epidemic

Parasite follows the Kim family, struggling to survive in their sub basement apartment. An unexpected visitor, Min-hyuk, an old friend of Ki-Woo’s, suggests he poses as a university student to take his position as tutor for the wealthy Park family’s daughter whilst he is away studying abroad. During this encounter Min-hyuk gifts the Kim family the scholars rock, supposedly bringing material wealth to whoever posses the rock. And so begins a journey of deceit to infiltrate the Parks home.

From start to finish Parasite is a film that never fails to shock and surprise. For a short time at the start all is just as expected, but soon takes a wicked twist, setting off a domino effect throughout the whole film. Each twist and turn is just as unexpected as the last, leaving you hanging on the very edge of your seat. But more impressive than the ceaseless suspense is the wit and nuggets of social satire placed perfectly throughout the dialogue.

Throughout there is a prevalent social commentary on class divide. Whilst the Kim’s sub basement apartment provides little light through its small windows, just slightly above ground, the Park’s enjoy large glass doors overlooking their large green garden. The parallels between the two families are overshadowed by their conflicting experiences. The Kim’s at the bottom of the social hierarchy live almost underground, and have to make the literal climb to the Park’s on top of the hill, oblivious to life outside their wealth.

A tale of manipulation has never been so entertaining. Each seemingly insignificant detail casts a bigger shadow than you could ever imagine. Filled with humour, thrills, and the occasional scene to make you wince, Parasite is the perfect tale for all film lovers.

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