Our favourite Etsy stores (and why they should be yours too!)

First of all, we love Etsy. What could be better than a place that brings small business owners together, and allows them to sell their products all over the world. For many years we’ve been an advocate of buying local and from independent businesses, but Etsy has allowed us to do that with the ease of shopping from a comfy bed, in a big oversized hoodie (bought from etsy of course), wrapped under one too many blankets. We love a list (except our to-do lists which are far too long), so here is a list of our favorite Etsy stores.

No 1. First on the list is groovy illustrator Hannah-Michelle Bayley. Based in Manchester Hannah creates and designs a range of products, our favourite being a clay shrimp broach, because who wouldn’t look cool wearing one of those bad boys. She also has a few different *aesthetic* prints to plaster your walls with. What more could you ask for.

we love this lil fella

Find them on Etsy here

And on Instagram here

No 2. Our favourite store for all things weird/nostalgic is space junk-o-roma. Their range of stickers is perfect for decorating your under used planner, crinkly sketchbook, or coffee stained notebook. They also sell some cryptic and retro pins and badges so why not decorate your backpack whilst you’re at it.

You can find them on Etsy here

And on Instagram here

No 3. Next on the list is BYWOLFGANG. They sell a lovely range of handmade jewellery. Get a pair of mystical moon earrings, or if thats not your thing why not treat yourself to an abstract hand painted necklace.

They also have a website you can check out here

You can find them on Etsy here

And on Instagram here

No 4. At number 4 we have another Manchester based store, ErthaDesign. In the store you’ll find some sweet ceramics. Be tempted by a small delicate handmade teapot, or maybe indulge in a sake set to impress guests with an authentic sake drinking experience. Their ceramics are great little gifts but we prefer to keep them for ourselves.

You can find them on Etsy here

And on Instagram here

No 5. Last but not least we want to talk about Tigon Vintage. Our favourite store for getting those vintage gems, we cant get enough of their 80s/90s vibe graphic tees and colourful windbreakers for a casual day with friends. But if you’re looking for something a bit more formal why not check out their range of vintage blazers, knits, and trousers.

You can find them on Etsy here

And on Instagram here

Is there anyone we missed? Let us know your favourite Etsy shops in the comments bellow.

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