Artist spotlight: Annabella Design Co

In the second instalment of or Artist Spotlight feature we speak to the creator of Annabella Design Co about her new whimsical new collection of stickers (Available tomorrow 11/08/20), the inspiration for her designs, and her plans for the future.

Why did you decide to create Annabella Design Co?

I’ve always wanted to run a small online shop where I could share my designs, but I never really had the courage to until lockdown happened. After my final year dissertation, I finally decided to just do it!

Why did you choose stickers as your initial product to create?

I chose stickers to start off with because the upfront cost is relatively low, as well as the cost to ship them out. I’ve also bought stickers from other Etsy shops to use in my sketchbooks, which inspired me to design my own.

I usually use watercolours and pencils, so it’s been fun learning how to make digital illustrations and turning them into stickers.

How do you think developments in social media have impacted marketing?

I feel like it’s changed everything. As long as you have access to wifi, it gives you a free platform to market yourself and reach your target audience directly, which is amazing!

Also, the creative communities on social media platforms are so so supportive. I got so much information on how to set up an online shop (manufacturers, packaging, shipping etc.) from social media alone.

What drew you towards the cottagecore aesthetic? 

I’ve always loved fairy tale illustrations and the cottagecore aesthetic has a similar whimsical feel to it.

Although my current designs are mostly cottagecore inspired, I want to incorporate elements from Chinese mythology in my future designs.

What plans do you have going forward from the shop launch?

Honestly, my first goal is just to breakeven! I start working full-time as an analyst in September, but art has always been a creative outlet for me and I hope to maintain it.

In the future I really want to design some enamel pins and tote bags. I also love trying new mediums and I’m thinking of experimenting with ceramics. I have some ideas for incense holders, but it’ll definitely take a lot of practice before I could introduce them to my shop.

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