Broad City: Comedic genius and a New York State of Mind

Comedic genius at its best. Cliché as it may sound; Broad City is the (loud) voice for a generation. We may idolise the women of Sex in the City, or try to decipher which character we are from Friends, but Broad City invites us to look at the reality of life in the big city. We are dragged along by besties Ilana and Abbi and all their shenanigans and struggles in the big ol city of New York. This relatable duo aren’t concerned with fiscal responsibilities or stable relationships, they’re young-ish and ready to get weird. 

Where Broad City excels best is its acceptance of the good, the (mostly) bad, and the ugly. Their careers and love life are all secondary to their friendship. They pump each other up and inspire one another. Abbi isn’t too ashamed to clean up yet another pile of sick at the gym she works at, and Alana isn’t above the hustle. The struggle is real, but a “yasss kweeen” from Ilana and the pair are ready for another colourful, strange, and entertaining weed induced adventure.

It’s not the “she can’t have it all” plot like Ally McBeal, constantly deliberating between the perfect job and the perfect man. It’s the reality of counting your coins and attempting to slay a hoard of bedbugs. Tedious temp work and scrounging rickety furniture off the streets. However the authenticity of the hardship doesn’t overshadow the electric comedy of the show. A constant stream of bright messy weirdness and witty puns, excelled by the fast pace of the show, keeps it upbeat and hilarious.

The pairs constantly hype each other up. It almost feels like they’re motivational speakers and you’re in the audience blushing at their rolling compliments. They see the best in each other. It is rare to see two women so immersed in each other’s lives without a hidden agenda or the occasional catty fight. Even rarer we get to see these women be free to make their own choices and mistakes, be messy and go against the grain. I thought shows about recent grads that smoke too much weed were exclusively about hipster men?

Most importantly Glazer and Jacobson created a show to raise us all up. It is no slice of life show; it’s the ugly truth with a silver lining. It focuses on the important things in life, not a memory foam mattress or a rich hubby and three kids, but a fun friend to love us unconditionally, and a life partner that is completely platonic. Oh, and the soon to be trending phone wigs!

All episodes of Broad City are available to stream on Amazon Prime now.

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  1. love to meet the broad city girls x


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