Bestdressed-The next door neighbour you wish you had

If like us you’ve been watching what some people would call “an unhealthy amount of YouTube”, then you’ve probably heard of Bestdressed (and if not, what social media rock are you living under!). She’s definitely one of the many creators keeping us going during this difficult time, not only because it allows us an escape from our own reality, but because she’s also capable of reminding us that life is for living.

Although best known for her fashion videos, what we really love is her chatty videos, providing us with the advice and wisdom our Elders just can’t offer. We adore her relatable personality and openness, unashamed to talk about feminism, love and relationships, and societal issues. She’s never hesitant to talk about her own flaws either, and this self awareness is what makes her such an easy watch. Where other YouTubers have lost authenticity as their following has grown, Ashley has stayed true to her roots, showing her good and bad days, and all her flaws.

Ashley is also an advocate for sustainable fashion. Whilst not claiming to be perfect, she still remains informative on the issue of fast fashion, and encourages thrifting, reworking old clothes (check out her thrift flips), and simply rewearing your current clothes! ( 10 ways to (re)wear a dress).

And if lockdown had left you unable to put together a cohesive outfit why not check out her lookbooks. Whether in need of a chill outfit for a day at the park, or a boring day at the office, Bestdressed will inspire you more than any predictable fashion magazine ever could. The outfits are actually achievable, yet still manage to sparkle with a touch of glamour.

In a world of rose tinted influencers, Ashley is the friendly next door neighbour that you can guarantee will water your house plants whilst you’re on holiday.

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