Sustainable stocking fillers

With the festive season only weeks away it’s time to start planning your Christmas list, and start ticking off others too. Here is a list of our favourite sustainable stocking fillers suppliers (who are also just great companies full stop).

1) First on the list we have the snuggly critically endangered socks. These socks aren’t just comforting on a cold winters morning, but also help support some of the worlds most endangered animals! These sustainable socks are high quality and designed to last. Even better, for each pair sold a percentage is donated to a charity that specifically helps that species. Thats kind to the planet, and your feet.

2) We couldn’t do a list without mentioning our fav cosmetic friends at lush. For a relaxing bath bomb, or deep cleansing face mask, lush is our absolute go to. For festive, beautiful, eco friendly packaging why not try their Furoshiki wraps. Who wouldn’t be impressed with all those knots?

3) For any home workout fanatics or flexible friends why not check out cork space. Their yoga mats and equipment are 100% natural cork and rubber. They’ve also teamed up with the Eden Project to plant 10 new trees for every cork mat sold.

4) Now we love a sweet treat so it was only inevitable we had to mention our favourite chocolate brand. Doisy and Dam make the most luscious chocolate treats; vegan friendly too! They’re committed to supporting equal pay all the way along the supply chain, refuse to use palm oil in any of their products, and endorse good working conditions for their staff, whilst respecting the environment along the way. For a classic treat we love their chocolate buttons and nuttercups, but they also sell a range of surprise boxes for the indecisive.

5) For great illustrative, comfortable, and stylish clothing and accessories we can always turn to Birdsong. A chill tee, some slippers of solace, they have it all. The makers are all women that may face hurdles to employment, and are paid a London living wage! Ethical and sustainable fashion has never looked (or felt) so good.

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