Podcasts to keep you company (and ease your creative constipation)

It’s easy to feel lonely right now, the deafening silence of isolation echoing throughout your lonesome home. But fear no more, your four legged friend is no longer your only companion. When I’m alone and need to feel a sense of comfort I can always rely on a warm cup of coffee and a good podcast. Hearing another voice is soothing to my unsocial ears, and the conversational talk makes me feel included, even if I am just an inactive listener. Better yet I have an opportunity to learn, stay informed, and get a much needed dose of inspiration.

Our favourite 2020 find has by far been the telescope podcast! Each episode starts with the calming ease of host Kara Killinger proclaiming “Cartoonist Chuck Jones once compared reading to looking through a telescope that opens up the entire universe to you”. And thats exactly what each episode does. Each episode a new young fiction writer reads a short story or piece of flash fiction, with Kara asking the authors a few questions about their writing. With incredible variety, no two stories are the same; each writer has great wisdom to share, even at their young ages.

Nothing is truly as comforting as hearing a northern accent, which is just one of the many reasons we love The Young Creative Podcast. Whether discussing solo or with company, each episode Alex explores a new and interesting topic. And through the use of Instagram you’re welcome to join in on the discussion too! Thought provoking topical conversation aside, The Young Creative Podcast is a welcoming space for all artists. Each episode has a shoutouts section dedicated to the talented youths of today, and some great words of affirmation to send you on your way ends each episode.

For a bit more creative inspiration we look to Young People Doing Things. From highs and lows, to all the other bits in between, YPDT offers great insight into the working world of Young Creatives, and the realities of running your own business. With a great variety of guest, theres a plethora of wisdom to digest.

Honey & Co: The Food Talks is the perfect listen for a chill afternoon; because what could be more comforting than food? A great introduction to a variety of people in the food industry, as well as being endlessly humorous, warming, and stimulating. The guests talk about food with such zeal it’s impossible to not absorb their passion for food. Their Who Run The World? series is a great extension to celebrate and acknowledge all the wonderful women in the food industry.

Finally we have to mention The Carousel Tapes. The Carousel Tapes in not just a creative talk show; but also discusses local social history, inclusivity, and a range of other topics. Guests all work with The Carousel, and are all extremely knowledgeable and open to share their creative wisdom.

One response to “Podcasts to keep you company (and ease your creative constipation)”

  1. I’ve just picked up drawing recently, and I’ve realised that drawing time is also the best time to listen to podcasts. So thanks for your recommendations. Will definitely think of checking them out 🙂


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