Baby Done: balancing the sweet and sour of life

Hilarious, heartwarming and honest, Baby Done exceeds expectations of the parenthood/pregnancy comedy, which can often feel overdone and cliche. Executive producer Taika Waititi brings his classic wit and unique sentimentality, cementing it as a triumph in indie cinema.

Clawing at her remaining youth, Zoe is keen to avoid becoming like all her surrounding friends; burdened with children, or waiting for their near arrival. She is independent, free, and plans to remain that way. But when she ends up pregnant, she refuses to let the weight of child define her, and initially conceals it from her partner Tim in an attempt to preserve her fleeting freedom.

Rose Matafeo as Zoe, and Matthew Lewis as Tim deliver an authentic and amusing performance together. Matafeo especially shines, not just with her comedic excellence and delivery; but also with her profound, charming, portrayal of Zoe, making her a likeable and charismatic character.

The film also explores themes of motherhood, and the societal norms surrounding it. Sacrifice is displayed as a necessary suffering, but Zoe is determined to remain a spirited individual; insistent on achieving her goal of becoming an international tree climbing champion, obviously.

Warming, funny, and relatable, Baby Done balances drama and comedy beautifully. A tender performance bonds the characters and its audience, whilst witty one liners keep you grinning . A truly soothing film, appropriately released when we need comfort and comedy most.

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