Artizine: zine kit review

Artizine is an online community space, led by Ioana in London. Through their Sunday zine club and zine making workshops, they make zine making accessible, fun, and welcoming to all. Just as it should be!

Artizine currently makes and sells zine kits, which are conveniently posted to you. They include a range of materials, from salvaged magazine pages, to funky printed paper and stickers. You can even request a particular theme or vibe for your kit, and they’ll curate one just for you.

Sunday afternoons 5-6pm, Artizine brings a much needed burst of joy to the week, and brings the creative community together for an hour of fun, and mutual inspiration and encouragement. Each week has a theme and participants are encouraged to share their work and creations.

Through Artizine Ioana has created a welcoming and engaging platform for all creatives, with any level of experience. It embodies everything zine culture should be: DIY, community based, accessible, and creative.

You can find Artizine on Instagram here

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