Lorde’s Solar Power is a joyous rebirth

Thursday morning (10/06/21), Twitter entered a moment of pure ecstatic hysteria and elation. The first single – Solar Power- from Lorde’s much anticipated upcoming album of the same name was briefly available on streaming services in select countries, followed by an eruption of online leaks. Reactions varied from jubilant celebration to appeals to delete the leaked audio.

That same evening, the Solar Power music video was released on YouTube. A yellow clad Lorde invites us to join her in a summertime utopia. Lorde is followed by a procession of hypnotising dancers radiating a cultish serenity, in what appears to be a Cast Away x Midsommar crossover.

Solar Power is a reminder that we are capable of our own personal rebirths and renaissances. After the heartache and pain of 2020, Lorde invited us to look to the future with hope and excitement, and joins us in the crusade for a hot vax summer. Revived from the heartache of past relationships, and the melancholy of growing pains, she is reborn, and here to preach with joyous spirit. She’s our “prettier Jesus,” she’s fun, and her resurrection will be spent in the sun.

Forget all the tears that you cried, it’s over

In an email newsletter Lorde announced “The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalising the deep transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors.” She goes on to reveal, “You can look to the natural world for clues.” With Solar Powers apt release on the only solar eclipse of the year, it poses the question, when can we expect the next single to bloom? Summer solstice is only weeks away for the Northern Hemisphere, so only time will tell if we are blessed with more than just the longest day of sunlight.

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