Halloween at Lush: Spooky season review

With spooky season just around the corner we asked eco queen and Lush connoisseur Flynn Moore to review their new Halloween range. Prepare to be a little spooked, but a lot fresher.


If you’re looking for something that looks fantastic and smells amazing too, look no further than this bath bomb! Amazingly fresh for a departed spirit, this citrus scent is the only haunting worth welcoming this season. This sparkling bath bomb also contains popping candy for a full sensory experience.

Bat Art

The spookiest bath bomb around! This bat shaped bath bomb is dipped in glittery goodness and produces the most amazing bath art as you lower it into the water. Rosemary and sage partner perfectly with complimentary lemon creating an incredibly fresh and inviting scent. A must have for Halloween!

Punkin Pumpkin

This bath bomb looks absolutely amazing with such rich autumnal colours, but unfortunately this pumpkin is soon to melt and leaves an unpleasant toilet worthy yellow coloured bath water. Even the scent is weak. This pumpkin wont be going to ball (sorry Cinderella).


A rather fragile ghoul, Screamo is unfortunately prone to crumbling. At least this bubble bar produces a pretty pink in the bath, along with a pleasant cherry scent. A little goes a long way, and this guy keeps bubbling for over five baths!


Ectoplasm, but not as you’ve seen it before. This super refreshing slime is perfectly fruity, with grapefruit and tangerine oil to help soften the skin. Simply lather up this zesty goo for a restoring bathing experience, or use in the morning for a refreshing wake up cleanse.

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