Have a lush little Christmas

With the big day less than two weeks away, theres little time left to find those last few gifts. Luckily lush have a range of great products perfect for stocking fillers and more.

Orange pop

Fun and festive bath bomb with a surprise popping candy centre! Looks like an orange and smells like an orange, this is the perfect addition to any citrus lovers bathing experience. Just don’t be tempted to eat it.

You shall go to the ball

This gorgeous deep pink bath bomb is dusted with soft gold, and aptly moulded in the shape of a carriage. As it hits the water a pink and yellow explosion consumes the water, settling into a soft sparkly peach colour. To top it off it has a lovely strawberry scent, gentle and not overpowering.

Snow fairy (soap)

Super sweet, this soap smells absolutely divine. Unfortunately it is prone to disintegrating quickly, even with storage on a proper soap dish. Leaves skin soft and moisturised, but for its lifeline the purse a little lighter too.

Snow fairy (bath bomb)

As above, this bath bomb has a sweet syrupy scent. The exterior is winter chic, adorned with a snowflake on each side in blue and pink. Fizzling out into a pink ocean, this bath bomb certainly delivers plenty of pigment. With an abundance of lustre, this bath bomb isn’t for the glitter-phobic.


If you’re looking for a shower gel that really embodies the Christmas season, this is the one! A lovely mix of festive spices, this is a lovely pick me up in the cold mornings, and a relaxing scent to wind down with in an evening.

Cinnamon roll

This bubble bar has a similar scent to the jolly shower gel – lots of spices to leave you merry and bright. Creating an abundance of bubbles with only a little product, this roll keeps foaming away for over five baths!

Charity pot coin

Having tried the charity pot hand and body lotion in the little black pots, this was a familiar comfort. Leaving your hands super soft, this is perfect for the chillier weather and festive season.

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