Colour and creativity: Odd Orange stationery

For all creatives a notebook is their greatest partner. A close confidant to fill with secrets, mistakes, and unfiltered thoughts. It is a place for contemplation, experimentation, and creation. In choosing the perfect notebook to house all this there much to consider: the size, paper, weight, and design. Luckily Odd Orange has acknowledged all this in there new notebook collection launching today!

The new collection, Colour Story, explores six different colours and the history and culture surrounding them. Each colour features patterns and designs that connects to the colour’s story, with each notebook including a postcard detailing the fascinating tale of the chosen colour. All colours are available in each style of book.

Essentially, I’ve made products that I always wanted as an artist and writer, that didn’t exist until now

Be inspired by the story of your chosen colour: Ultramarine Violet, Dutch Orange, Indian Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Rose Madder, or Emerald Green. The decision to centre the collection around colour was not just an aesthetic one, Creator Morgan Grice wanted to create a notebook that, “Encouraged the user to create, as well as inform them on the pigments that they may be using in their work.”

The notebook is obviously the star of the brand, but Odd Orange has also designed a range of products to support your creative practice. The Book Plate sticker sheet is perfect for labelling the front of your new notebook, folders, and anything else that needs a handwritten tag. The artists’ Palette is great for experimenting with colour combinations and journaling.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, avid adventurer, or pencil wielding pro, these notebooks are perfect for a range of creative practices. Odd Orange launches at 6pm here

You can follow their story on Instagram here

And you can see what we got up to with our copy of the notebook here

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