Book review: Still Here Still Life

“With a glass of wine in hand,

Still Here Still Life began”

Still Here Still Life is a joyous food forward celebration of creativity and culinary delights. In a time of isolation, Zena Kay and Tess Smith-Roberts created SHSL and invited creatives to share an aesthetic feast for the eyes, using food as a catalyst for creativity and community. Now with over 200K Instagram followers, the page continues to inspire and provide an inclusive outlet for creative expression and experimentation.

Instagram @mayflxwer

In the now sold out book, Still Here Still Life takes a deep dive into the community SHSL has created, and the people that make it. Interviews with a host of illustrators and food folk from around the globe provide varied and valuable insight into their process.

“It was perfect-a weekly prompt, beautifully curated and a great way to get to know new artists, to create a little community”

-Aga Giecko

Scattered with photo-prompt postcards, the book has a journal like quality. Activity pages instruct the reader to grab what’s around them and have a go creating. And for those keen to get in the kitchen, included are simple and sometimes deliciously retro recipes by Bre Graham of Dishes to Delight, and easy feasts by Cecilia McCormich of Plate Talks.

Instagram @mayflxwer

But don’t feel you have to wield a pencil to join in. The creative prompts have inspired fun sculptures, plush rugs, and delicate embroidery; there is truly no limit to how you interpret the prompts.

Just as social media is meant to do, SHSL connects, inspires, and engages. For weekly drawing prompts follow Still Here Still Life here

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