The Last Black Man in San Francisco: a love letter to the city

A tale of friendship, racial gentrification and false illusions, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a socially apt case study on the cities plagued with crumbling culture as the white middle class buy up property, taking ownership of diverse cities for themselves.   The film is centered on Jimmie and his friend Montgomery, […]


Home, a four letter word, home, something outside of a physical context— there is no direct phrase for “going home” in German, there is “gehen nach Hause” or “gehen zu Hause”, both meaning something like “going to house” but it’s more abstract than that, because lately I’ve been nach Hause gegangen to see you with […]

British Bombs: The antiwar anthem of a generation

British bombs is the new politically charged antiwar song by indie kid Declan McKenna, tackling Britains role in the Yemen crisis. The song questions Britains sales of arms to Saudi Arabia, and its involvement in a war that Unicef describes as causing “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”. “And we’ll remember the dead, so […]