Convenience Store Woman: the societal norms we don’t care to challenge

In a world where we have, and continue to break down the walls of convention, Convenience Store Woman looks at the societal norms the majority don’t care to change. Full of rare worldly insight, this book captures the moments we sometimes overlook. Like a magnifying glass on society, Convenience Store Woman offers a deadpan commentary […]

Bestdressed-The next door neighbour you wish you had

If like us you’ve been watching what some people would call “an unhealthy amount of YouTube”, then you’ve probably heard of Bestdressed (and if not, what social media rock are you living under!). She’s definitely one of the many creators keeping us going during this difficult time, not only because it allows us an escape […]

The Last Black Man in San Francisco: a love letter to the city

A tale of friendship, racial gentrification and false illusions, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a socially apt case study on the cities plagued with crumbling culture as the white middle class buy up property, taking ownership of diverse cities for themselves.   The film is centered on Jimmie and his friend Montgomery, […]